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Cell Phone Tickets

Information about Cell Phone Tickets

Because of new state laws in California, many people have received cell phone tickets, but with the help of a traffic ticket attorney, you can fight your ticket, and avoid paying the ridiculous fines. Since 2008, it has been illegal to talk on a cellular device while driving in California. It is also illegal, as of 2009, to text while driving in the state. Failure to adhere to either of these laws can land you a hefty fine and cell phone tickets that go on your driving  Traffic attorneys are often able to help offenders fight cell phone tickets and avoid paying these fines and avoid having cell phone tickets blemish their personal driving record. Because this law is the primary enforcement category, police can pull you over and issue a cell phone ticket just for this violation; there does not need to be additional cause for you to be pulled over. There are some exceptions made for hands free devices for drivers over the age of 18 and drivers making calls for urgent emergencies, but for the most part, if you drive while using a cell phone, you could receive a cell phone ticket and a significant fine.

Fines and Penalties Related to Cell Phone Tickets

For your first cell phone ticket for talking on the phone, you will receive a $142+ fine, as well a mark on your permanent record. While it will not result in a point on your license, your insurance rates could still go up if you do not fight the ticket with the help of a traffic attorney and get the incident removed from your driving record. Your second offense for this same violation will land you a whopping $190 fine, and additional penalties. For texting while driving, fines range from $159+ for your first offense, to $200+ or more for subsequent violations. These fines can be substantial, but with the help of a traffic attorney, you can fight your citation and get rid of the blemish of your cell phone tickets.

Receiving Help from an Attorney

By talking to a traffic attorney, you can learn much about the process of fighting cell phone tickets. By getting legal assistance, you can avoid the large fines that accompany some of the cell phone tickets and eliminate the possibility of an increased insurance premium. Traffic attorneys are often very successful, and with quality help, you can usually get out of your cell phone tickets. A traffic attorney will guide you throughout the legal process, and he will help you along the way to effectively fight the ticket and remove this stain from your record. This is a great way to reduce or remove any fines that are associated with your cell phone tickets, and it can help you learn from your mistakes and avoid cell phone tickets in the future.

Traffic Ticket Pros

When you are at risk of having to pay large fines and receiving marks on your permanent driving record, you should use the best traffic attorneys in the business. Choosing the right representatives can make or break your cell phone ticket case. With the help of Traffic Ticket Pros, over 95% of our customers are successfully able to defend their case and walk away without the fine or the ticket on their driving record. With over 25 years of experience as traffic attorneys, Traffic Ticket Pros are the best in the business in California. By using us when fighting a cell phone ticket, you can benefit from our valuable experience in the traffic ticket field, and you can increase your chances of avoiding fines and penalties resulting from cell phone tickets in California.