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Failure to Appear

Sometimes you forget your court  Perhaps you lost your citation and do not actually know what day you were supposed to appear in court. You might be ill or unable to find transportation to your court date or just too scared to go to court. menu-item-has-children Whatever your reason, failing to appear in court when you have been told to do so and signed your ticket as a promise to show, can land you in big trouble with the  If you fail to show up for a scheduled court appearance, you could find a bench warrant issued for your  If you were scheduled to appear in court for a traffic violation and you have missed your court date, you need to find a local traffic attorney to help avoid the high penalty and fines and make things right.

Consequences of an FTA

shutterstock_271231634Failure to appear also known as menu-item-has-children€œFTAmenu-item-has-children€ is a  When you fail to appear at a scheduled court date, for any reason, the judge presiding over the case can immediately issue a bench warrant for your arrest without any advance notice to  In the United States, law enforcement officers need a strong or an obvious reason to stop you (say you are seen driving erratically or your car has a broken tail light and a highway patrol notices your car, stops you and determines that you have a warrant issued for your arrest and he will take you in) or a judge may give law enforcement officers permission to look for you and arrest  In some cases, a judge may issue a search warrant or arrest warrant if you are suspected of participating in any criminal  With a bench warrant, the judge presiding over the court case dealing with your traffic violation can find you in contempt of court for missing your appointed court date and in effect gives any law enforcement official permission to arrest you on site and make you aware of your obligation to appear in  So if you get pulled over for having a broken tail light or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, the police officer who runs your information for a routine traffic stop can see the bench warrant on your file and arrest you on the  Imagine how inconvenient and embarrassing that could be if that happened on your way to work or while out on a date.

What Can an Attorney Do?

Traffic attorneys know that in some cases, failing to appear at a scheduled court date can even be construed by the presiding judge as an admission of your  If you were scheduled to appear in court to fight a ticket, not showing up could prove disastrous to your  It is difficult to prove your innocence if you are not even in court to defend  A good traffic attorney can not only help you prepare for your court proceedings, but can even fight most traffic tickets without you ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

How Do You Fix It?

Court procedures and traffic laws can be very complex, but experienced traffic attorneys can help you fight traffic tickets because they know the law and they know the  If you need an experienced traffic attorney to help you fight your traffic ticket, call the attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros  Our traffic attorneys have years of experience in fighting traffic tickets in  Let us fight for you.