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Unsafe Lane Change Violations

The most common reasons that drivers are cited for an unsafe lane change are the following: neglecting to use a turn signal before changing lanes, changing more than one lane at a time, speeding up when changing lanes, cutting off another driver when changing lanes, changing lanes in an intersection, or changing lanes when the road has a solid yellow line.

Can I Contest an Unsafe Lane Change Violation?

To fight an unsafe lane change ticket in California can be a time-consuming and costly process unless you get the right kind of help from a traffic attorney. If you think that just paying the fine for an unsafe lane change violation looks like the easy way out, consider the long term consequences before making your decision about using a traffic attorney. Conviction on a traffic violation such as an unsafe lane change will put points on your record, may increase your auto insurance, and will cost you the amount of the fine. The better alternative is to use a qualified traffic attorney to fight the case in court and keep your record clear. Your California traffic attorney is an expert on California traffic laws including unsafe lane change violations.

Traffic violations in California add points to your driving record according to the seriousness of the violation. Although an unsafe lane change may not seem serious, if you accumulate enough points in a specified amount to time, your driving license could be suspended or revoked. However, you can choose to fight your unsafe lane change ticket with a traffic attorney, and you will have help in keeping those points off your driving record. If you want to fight the case in court with or without a traffic attorney, you will be required to do so in the county where the ticket was issued and request a trial. The court will assign a trial date and the traffic attorney can present an effective and persuasive case for you at that time about the unsafe lane change charge.

In addition to adding points on your driving record, traffic violations such as an unsafe lane violation may increase your auto insurance premiums. An insurance premium increase for an unsafe lane change ticket can cost you much more over the years than a decision to fight the unsafe lane change violation with a well-versed traffic attorney. Choosing a traffic attorney who specializes in California traffic laws can improve your chances of success when you fight unsafe lane change ticket charges. Sometimes a traffic attorney can get an unsafe lane change ticket reduced to a non-moving infraction or completely dismissed.

Should I Use a Traffic Attorney?

Spending hours of your own time to fight an unsafe lane change traffic ticket in California may not pay off as well as getting help with your case from a traffic attorney. California state traffic laws and local laws are much better known to the police officer who gave you the unsafe lane change ticket than to the average driver. If you donmenu-item-has-children€™t win the fight in court, you may feel that you have wasted a lot of your time. A traffic attorney can be well worth it.

Traffic Ticket Pros Can Help Youmenu-item-has-children 

Every ticket situation is different depending on the circumstances of the traffic as well as the drivermenu-item-has-children€™s previous  A traffic attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros practices only in California and will be happy to handle any questions you have about an unsafe lane change ticket before you make a decision. With over 25 years of experience, Traffic Ticket Pros has a success rate of 95% with traffic violations of all types, and your traffic attorney can develop a courtroom defense that fits your own circumstances. Deciding to fight an unsafe lane change traffic ticket with a traffic attorney has paid off for drivers who have kept points off their driving records, avoided the potential loss of driving privileges, and prevented large insurance premium increases. Expert help from a traffic attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros makes sense.