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Handicap Placard Violations

What is a Handicap Placard Violation?

A handicap placard violation is assigned to a driver who appears to have wrongfully parked in a designated handicap parking space. A driver may receive a violation if he or she does not possess or display a valid handicap placard visibly in the front of the car. At times, people are charged for misusing, borrowing, or even stealing a handicapped placard. Another reason for a violation may be if the driver remains in the handicapped parking space past his or her allotted time while assisting a handicapped patient.

What are the Consequences for a Handicap Placard Violation in the state of California?

Did you know that misuse of a handicap placard violation is considered a criminal offense? Individuals charged with a handicap placard violation will often be responsible for a fine of several hundred dollars. A driver will not be able to renew the registration of the automobile until they pay the necessary fine. Not only that, but in the state of California, an individual receiving a handicap placard violation may be charged with fraudmenu-item-has-children€”resulting in a permanent criminal record and in some cases, up to six months in jail.

In some cases, a car that appears to be wrongfully parked in a handicapped parking zone will be towed and impounded by the state. The driver may have to pay a fee to have the car returned. While a handicap placard is not necessarily assigned to a specific car, the disabled individual must transport the placard with them in order to park in a space designated for disabled individuals.

In other cases, if an individual refuses to present the handicap placard and his or her identification to a traffic officer, a violation may be issued. A violation may also ensue if an officer perceives that the placard had been previously reported lost or stolen. In this case, if the car is unoccupied, or proper identification is not present, a handicap placard violation may result.

How can a Traffic Attorney Help?

In many cases, a traffic officer will misunderstand and a legal scenario and assign a violation. For instancemenu-item-has-children€”reporting a handicap placard lost and then reusing it when it is found. An officer may run the placard through the computer, see that it is reported missing, and assume that the driver is using a stolen placard. But no matter what your situation, seek professional legal advice.

A traffic attorney will take the time to understand your situation and guide you through the legal processes to determine your court plea. He or she will gather the proper evidence and file the necessary court papers. Knowledge is power, and a traffic attorney will give a defendant the peace of mind that comes from understanding the law and knowing how it fits a particular case.

An attorney can help you lessen your consequences or revoke the violation, win your case, and clear your name. An attorney will present a defendantmenu-item-has-children€™s case before a traffic court and seek to clear his or her name.

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