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Exhibition of Speed Violations

What exactly is an menu-item-has-children€œexhibition of speed ticketmenu-item-has-children€ and why do you need a traffic attorney to fight it?

An exhibition of speed violation is a California misdemeanor that really is just what the name implies, an illegal display of excessive speed, and sometimes you actually want your traffic attorney to fight for it.

Exhibition of speed information

Exhibition of speed tickets are usually the result of some kind of drag or street racing, either against an opponent or some kind of timing mechanism. The charge is flexible in that it can be leveled against any person involved in speed contests, not just the drivers.

But exhibition of speed tickets are also given for another purpose, one for which traffic attorneys are crucial. Commonly used in California DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases as a plea bargaining tool, exhibition of speed is a means to avoid trial by both parties agreeing on a lesser charge. While the offendermenu-item-has-children€™s motivation for wanting a lesser charge is obvious, what about the Statemenu-item-has-children€™s? Prosecuting attorneys could settle for the lesser charge for basically one reason: they might not win the fight. Factors that could influence a prosecuting attorneymenu-item-has-children€™s decision include the arresting officermenu-item-has-children€™s credibility, clerical or other errors by the police department, a minimal or non-existent criminal record for the offender, and others. Whatever the specifics are, exhibition of speed plea bargains are often struck when a jury is unlikely to convict the defendant.

Exhibition of speed consequences

So what differentiates a DUI conviction from an exhibition of speed ticket? Exhibition of speed carries significantly lesser consequences. For instance, jail time for DUI is from 48 hours to 6 months; literally double that of the lesser charge. Fines are also higher for DUI convictions, probation is three to five years for DUI as compared to one to two years for exhibition of speed, and perhaps most significantly, DUI convictions bring increasingly severe consequences with each successive conviction (prior ability). Exhibition of speed tickets carry no such ramifications.

Legal assistance

Clearly an exhibition of speed conviction is preferable to a DUI conviction, but how do you get from a DUI arrest to an exhibition of speed conviction? Given the notorious complexity of the lawmenu-item-has-children€”compounded in DUI casesmenu-item-has-children€”the best option is to forgo the idea of self-representation and hire a traffic attorney. Without legal counsel to fight for you, you are left to navigate the maze of legal fine points and courtroom convention, hoping to convince a judge that he should reduce your initial charges (which you may not fully understand) to lesser charges (which you may also not fully understand), simply because you would prefer it. Employing a skilled traffic attorney levels the playing field and offers you an ally in a difficult fight.

Traffic Ticket Pros

With so much on the line and so much to gain from having a successful traffic attorney fight for you, you certainly need to choose your representation carefully. The attorneys of Traffic Ticket Pros are California traffic law specialists, though they also deal with personal injury and criminal law. They are able to represent clients anywhere in the state of California, and successfully handle cases ranging from exhibition of speed tickets to reckless driving. Their combined experience of nearly two decades of legal counsel has resulted in a 95% success rate in all traffic-related cases, and their personal injury work has garnered millions of dollars in compensatory pay for their clients. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros will bring their experience and expertise to bear for your best interests.