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Getting a Lawyer to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket

lawbooksRed light cameras are a relatively new way of issuing tickets to individuals that run red  California has one of the highest fines associated with the installation of red light cameras- a whopping $466 per ticket. The city of San Diego made an estimated $827,000 in fines last year from red light camera tickets- money sent in by drivers without the hint of a  However, even with proponents of red light cameras insisting that they make intersections safer, residents and city officials that are beginning to think  A growing trend has led individuals to fight their tickets instead of remitting the fines.

A three-judge panel issued a recent ruling on a case, where a driver decided to fight the  The panel decided that red light camera photos alone are insufficient to rule on a ticket for running a red  They also decided that red light camera photos are not direct evidence, but instead hearsay and inadmissible in court without the presence of the individuals in charge of their maintenance. Great news for people seeking to fight their tickets and the traffic attorneys that represent them.

Problems with the Red Light Camera System

shutterstock_82191694California citizens often fight these tickets because they believe that the red light camera system is  Without proper identification of the vehicle or the driver no ticket can be  There is no independent verification process that ensures that red light camera tickets sent via mail are actually received by the menu-item-has-children  Also, there is an inherent conflict of interest- manufacturer Lockheed Martin receives about $70 for every red light camera ticket issued. Even the National Motorists Association has begun suggesting that drivers fight their tickets.

As more municipalities across America place these red light cameras into use, they have found that more drivers are willing to fight these types of tickets. One particular city in California no longer uses the red light camera system to issue tickets to drivers that make prohibited red light right turns.

Why You Should Fight the Red Light Camera Ticket

Human error is present in almost every man made device, and red light cameras are no  Traffic signals malfunction all of the  If you find an unwarranted red light camera ticket in your mailbox donmenu-item-has-children€™t panic, contact a traffic  Fighting and defeating these traffic tickets has become substantially  By not fighting the ticket you could be unnecessarily handing over your money to the state.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help Fight Your Ticket

The best way to fight a ticket issued as a result of a red light camera is to hire a traffic attorney and take the matter to  Municipalities count on drivers paying the ticket automatically assuming that they have indeed committed the  Recent statistics show that individuals who hire an attorney and raise a fight about the tickets usually prevail.

Since cameras cannot speak and they are the only evidence upon which a red light ticket conviction can be based, a traffic attorney fighting this type of ticket has many avenues to attack its  Traffic attorneys will be able to obtain the proper documentation and poke the appropriate holes in the statemenu-item-has-children€™s case.

Seeking Legal Advice

At Traffic Ticket Pros, we have licensed California traffic attorneys that are available to assist you with fighting your red light camera  We have fought thousands of cases successfully and are aware of all of the legal inner workings and defenses that are available to clients seeking to fight their  If you receive a ticket in the mail, call our attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros and get expert advice.