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Drug Distribution

The definition of menu-item-has-children€œdrug distributionmenu-item-has-children€ or menu-item-has-children€œdistribution of a controlled substancemenu-item-has-children€ is slippery at best. In California, it is usually meant as the federal version of possession with intent to sell.

What is a Drug Distribution Charge?

In California, mere possession of a controlled substance is a crime. But if you possess a drug or narcotic substance and intend to sell it someone else, it is a far more serious crime. You can be charged with selling, intent to sell or distribution of a controlled substance. Whatever you call it, you are likely to do time if convicted. If you are charged with distribution, you need the legal representation of a criminal attorney from a law firm with more than 25 years experience like Traffic Ticket Pros.

There are many indicators that will push prosecutors to raise the charge from mere possession to more serious charges like drug possession for sale or distribution of a controlled substance. This can result in serious jail time and stiff fines. Some of the factors that lead to charges of intent to sell or distribute include: larger quantities of the drugs, packaging it in separate bags, bundles or containers, possession of scales or measuring devices, paraphernalia to make pills or capsules, possession of large amounts of cash, especially in small bills, transporting drugs from one location to another and lots of people coming and going from you location. Most of us agree that these factors could create suspicion, but they can also lead to the arrest and charging of many innocent people. Maybe you possessed drugs for your own use without intent of sale or distribution. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up in a drug bust. Maybe drugs were found but you had nothing to with them, you didnmenu-item-has-children€™t know they were there and they did not belong to you. That is where experienced criminal attorneys from Traffic Ticket Pros can help you fight unfair drug distribution charges.

Everyone is Entitled to a Criminal Defense for Drug Distribution

If you have been arrested for drug distribution a skilled criminal attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros can present a bold and strategic legal defense on your behalf. Your rights need to be protected while focusing on positive results. If the charges have been determined to be the more serious crime of drug distribution Traffic Ticket Pros will work aggressively on your behalf by going over details, interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence for your defense. If it is found that your constitutional rights have been violated, Traffic Ticket Pros attorneys will seek to get evidence suppressed and charges dropped.

Like many cases related to drugs and drug distribution, it could involve violation of your Fourth Amendment Rights. Evidence is often the result of search and seizure by law enforcement. Their procedure is subject to scrutiny under the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. If your premises or vehicle were searched, Traffic Ticket Pros will examine whether there was probable cause for the search and whether your Fourth Amendment protections were violated and any evidence obtained illegally. In addition, investigation is always warranted into any police misconduct or entrapment that may have occurred. Your criminal attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros may investigate and consider other defenses that may help you fight against drug distribution allegations.

For any questions involving Californiamenu-item-has-children€™s drug distribution laws and how cases are investigated, prosecuted and defended, call one of Traffic Ticket Prosmenu-item-has-children€™ criminal defense attorneys for a confidential discussion. Traffic Ticket Pros can handle traffic violations, criminal cases and personal injury cases in all of California. With more than 25 years of successful experience Traffic Ticket Pros have more than a 95% success rate with traffic and criminal violations and have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury clients.