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Frequently Asked Questions


1.Can I really get a FREE Consultation?

That is correct! Whether you call, email, or fill out a


a traffic attorney will receive detailedmenu-item-has-children information regarding your specific

situationmenu-item-has-children and thereforemenu-item-has-children be able tomenu-item-has-children answer any questions you may have.



2.Can Traffic Ticket Pros help Commercial Drivers?

That is correct! In fact the majority of our client base consists of

Commercial Drivers. It is most important for them to keep their records

clean in order to continue working and making a living.


3.Does my case go to Trial?

In most cases, your case will go to trial. However,

in most cases, you maymenu-item-has-children not have to appear.


4. Why not just pay the fine?

In California, paying the fine means the ticket will be on your driving record

for the next THREE years. Insurance companies regularly request updates

of their customermenu-item-has-children€™s driving records from the DMV. They can then increase

your insurance premiums if they find a point from a Traffic Ticket.


5. Can I take a Traffic School Program?

If you are a Commercial Driver, you are NOT ELIGIBLE for Trafficmenu-item-has-children School in CA.

Traffic School Programs will result in additional court fees as well as fees

for the course itself, and not to mention 8 hours of your time! In addition to

that, you are only entitled to attend Traffic School for one ticket every 18

months! Your Attorneymenu-item-has-children€™s knowledge of the law can keep that ticket off your

record without all the hassle of a Traffic School Program.


6. Why do I need to pay the fine if an Attorney is going to fight formenu-item-has-children me?

California laws and procedures require that the Bail/Fine amount must be

submitted to the court in order to request a trial. If and when the case is

dismissed, that amount will be reimbursed to you by the court within 6090menu-item-has-children days.


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