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License Suspension

Have you failed to appear in court or pay a fine for a traffic violation? Has your license been suspended? If so, do you know what your rights are under the law? Driving with a suspended license carries serious consequences including fines and/or imprisonment, depending on the reason for the suspension and the state in which you live. In addition, if you drive as part of your job, a license suspension could significantly impact your ability to perform your job and earn wages. If you drive with a suspended license, the state can issue a warrant for your arrest. For these reasons, many people choose to fight a license suspension or the ticket that initially led to the suspension.

Causes for Suspension

The state may decide to suspend your license for a variety of reasons. Driving under the influence, failing to correct a violation that is correctible, driving recklessly, failing to pay a ticket for a traffic violation, failing to appear in traffic court, driving without insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident are a few of the reasons you may have your license suspended. There are times though, when you may forget an insurance payment or misplace a ticket, resulting in a license suspension without intending to violate the law. Whatever your circumstances may be, the attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros will stand with you and fight for your rights as a citizen.

Your Rights Under the Law

When you commit an offense that may result in suspension, you will be given a chance to explain what circumstances led to the violation, the failure to appear in court, or the failure to pay a fine. At this point, a traffic attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros can help you fight traffic violations. In many cases, we can have the ticket dropped and clear your record before your license is suspended. Youmenu-item-has-children€™ll be given a chance to defend your position in court in an effort to have the suspension cleared. You have the right to hire a traffic attorney, make a plea, receive an impartial trial, subpoena witnesses, and choose whether or not to testify in your own behalf.

How a Traffic Attorney Can Help

An experienced traffic attorney can help you through each stage of the process. As you prepare to fight a suspension, youmenu-item-has-children€™ll need the expertise and knowledge of an attorney who has dealt with similar cases and who is committed to helping you win your case. The attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros will give your case detailed attention in order to help you present the best possible case in court. Wemenu-item-has-children€™ll help you clear the suspension and fight tickets in order to keep your driving record clean. Whatever the reason for your suspension, you have the right to be fairly and skillfully represented. When you contact Traffic Ticket Pros, you know youmenu-item-has-children€™re getting the best representation available and that your case is in capable hands from start to finish.

If youmenu-item-has-children€™ve failed to pay a fine or appear in court, if your license has been suspended, or if a warrant has been issued for your arrest, donmenu-item-has-children€™t wait another day to contact Traffic Ticket Pros. We can help you keep your driving record clear and stay on the road so you can continue to carry out your daily responsibilities as normal. Call now for a free consultation!