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Drug Transportation

In California, like in most of the United States, there is a menu-item-has-children€œwar on drugsmenu-item-has-children€. As a result, year after year thousands of people are sent to prison, some for a long time. Unfortunately, many of those sent to jail were poorly represented without a good criminal attorney. Many are addicts who got in over their head to support their habit, and should be getting treatment rather than prison. Some others in prison for drug crimes are just plain innocent. Thatmenu-item-has-children€™s where a Traffic Ticket Pros criminal attorney can help. Traffic Ticket Pros specializes in traffic related defense, personal injury, and especially criminal defense, including misdemeanor and felony drug cases. Traffic Ticket Pros criminal attorneys know how California laws against drug transportation are investigated, prosecuted and defended.

Criminal Defense for Drug Transportation

If you have been arrested for drug transportation a skilled criminal attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros can present an effective legal defense on your behalf. Like many crimes involving drugs and drug transportation, it could involve allegations of illegal search and seizure, such as searching without a warrant, exceeding the scope of a warrant, or searching you and your property without probable  Investigation into police misconduct or entrapment may be in  Your criminal attorney may determine other defenses that may help your case against drug transportation allegations.

Penalties for Drug Transportation

Drug transportation and sales can result in confinement up to nine years and fines up to $20,000. There is significant additional prison time and more expensive fines for larger quantities, when minors are involved, if the drugs are considered more dangerous, transporting drugs over state lines and other special circumstances. Conviction of drug transportation can lead to the possible deportment of legal immigrants and legal aliens. If you have prior convictions, you will likely face an additional three years for each prior  For all drug transportation cases prison is a very real possibility and sometimes a stiff sentence. For drug transportation cases, a strong and competent defense attorney, like from Traffic Ticket Pros, is critical.

Possible Options

California courts have the option of allowing certain people who have committed non-violent drug crimes to serve their sentence in a drug treatment program instead of in prison. Normally this isnmenu-item-has-children€™t available for those convicted of drug transportation or drug sales, but a skilled criminal attorneys, like the attorneys from Traffic Ticket Pros, have been known to negotiate plea bargains down to possession which would allow you to participate in the alternative drug treatment program. Participating in this program would also allow for dismissal of all the charges. For questions about the drug treatment program and negotiating a plea for a lesser charge contact a criminal attorney at Traffic Ticket Pros.

Understanding and Posting Bail

If you are arrested for drug transportation there is a good chance you will be put in jail. It can be a harrowing experience. Understanding how the bail process works and how to obtain a quick release can make the experience far less traumatic. Criminal attorneys at Traffic Ticket Pros can walk you through your rights and responsibilities in the bail process. If you have any questions about Californiamenu-item-has-children€™s bail laws call Traffic Ticket Pros for a confidential consultation.

For any questions involving Californiamenu-item-has-children€™s drug transportation laws and how cases are investigated, prosecuted and defended, call one of Traffic Ticket Prosmenu-item-has-children€™ criminal defense attorneys for a confidential discussion. Traffic Ticket Pros can handle traffic violations, criminal cases and personal injury cases in all of California and only in California. With more than 25 years of successful experience Traffic Ticket Pros have more than a 95% success rate with traffic violations and have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury clientele.