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Registration Violations

NScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.07.35 PMot having a license plate or current registration ticket is considered a non-moving violation of the traffic laws of the State of California. Non-moving violations have less severe penalties than moving violations where traffic attorneys like Traffic Ticket Pros are needed. Neglecting registration can lead to stiff fines and revoked driving privileges. Most vehicle registration violations can be resolved quickly and with minimal expense, but there are cases when a Traffic Ticket Pros traffic attorney is in order.

If you are pulled over and you do not have a current license plate or a registration ticket you will be ticketed for a registration violation. The ticket will give you a court date and include the option of skipping the court date it you pay a stiff fine. Get your vehicle off the road and parked at your first opportunity. It is possible to get multiple tickets for registration violation. If you get pulled over a second or third time most police officers will let you go if they see you have already been ticketed menu-item-has-children€“ but they have option writing another ticket. Donmenu-item-has-children€™t push your luck. If hours or days have passed and the vehicle is not yet registered, they just might give you another citation.

Mistakes that can Lead to Bigger Problems

When you sign your ticket you are obligated to go to court or pay your fine. Ignoring fines or court dates and you can be charged with menu-item-has-children€œcontempt of courtmenu-item-has-children€ or menu-item-has-children€œfailure to pay a finemenu-item-has-children€. You will be hit with expensive fines, revoked driving privileges, inability to register vehicles, possible jail time and a criminal record. If you have slipped up and missed your court date, you definitely need to seek the assistance of a traffic attorney to fight for you. Traffic attorneys from Traffic Ticket Pros who have a 95% success rate in reducing or eliminating fines and charges.

Common Mistakes That Lead to Registration Violations

Common registration violators are often people who donmenu-item-has-children€™t understand the requirements of the law. They have never previously registered a vehicle in California or they were registering a car that was never registered in California. When buying a new car from a dealership make sure the registration was handled properly. If you buy a used car or buy a car from out of the state, you have ten days to legally register the vehicle. Citations and late charges will apply. If you are relocating to California you have twenty days to register your vehicles or be subject to citations.

Selling a car can lead to problems when the registration transfer is not handled properly. If you sell a car, and the vehicle is not properly registered with the new owner, the vehicle is technically owned by you. You may likely be liable for damages or harm caused by the operation of the vehicle or held criminally responsible if the vehicle is involved in a crime. If this happens to you, immediately call a traffic attorney at Traffic Ticket Pros.

When You Need A Traffic Attorney

Call Traffic Ticket Pros if you are pulled over in California for registration violation. Do not volunteer information until you talk to your traffic attorney who will fight for you. If a simple registration violation leads to your arrest, you need to call Traffic Ticket Pros who can also handle criminal and personal injury cases.