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In this section, you will find useful information about latest news, upcoming events & media, recent blog posts, and many helpful links to the California DMV website as well as links to most Traffic Courts in California.


  • CA Traffic Court Links menu-item-has-children€“ Here we have provided many direct links to California Superior Court Traffic websites. In most of these sites you can view the status of your case, obtain an extension, or even schedule a court reservation 
  • California DMV Links menu-item-has-children€“ In this page you can get information directly from the California Department of Motor Vehicles website about vehicle code numbers and descriptions of the violations you have been charged with. You can also see if the ticket you received carries a point on your driving record. menu-item-has-children 
  • Events & Media menu-item-has-children€“ Get information about past or upcoming events in the Traffic Ticket Pros world. See what events we have or will be attending. Check out our videos!menu-item-has-children 
  • Articles menu-item-has-children€“ Our own personal news articles. This page will give you detailed information about specific types of cases and how you can protect your rights.
  • Latest News menu-item-has-children€“ Here you can find recent news articles pertaining to Traffic Tickets and Traffic Laws.
  • FAQ Some of the most common questions asked by our clients regarding their situation and cases.
  • Blog menu-item-has-children€“ Our blog talks about everything from Traffic Tickets to Personal Injury to Criminal Cases. Get the right information, direct from our staff of knowledgeable legal experts.