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Speeding Tickets

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.07.35 PMAn experienced traffic attorney will tell you that any sort of traffic citation is really a  They do not seem like such a big deal until you really start feeling the consequences of them:menu-item-has-children  points on your driving record, higher insurance rates, court dates and even shelling out some of your hard-earned salary to pay for costly tickets and court  Speeding tickets especially can stay on your driving record for years and follow you around like a mangy dog that refuses to go  Unlike that mangy dog, however, a speeding ticket will never get better with a good bath and they canmenu-item-has-children€™t be  Thatmenu-item-has-children€™s why you need an experienced traffic attorney to fight your speeding tickets for you and make it go away.

Negative Points on Your License

A good traffic attorney can tell you that the Department of Motor Vehicles in most states operates on a point  If you drive well and do not break any rules of the road (or at least not get caught by law enforcement when breaking those rules), then you have a clean driving  But if you get a speeding ticket, it becomes a point on your driving  Most state DMVs will allow you a certain number of points within a certain time frame and still allow you to continue  In the state of California, the current point system will result in the restriction of your driving privileges if you earn four or more points in a 12-month period, six or more points in a 24-month period, or 8 or more points in a 36-month  Most speeding tickets carry a one-point  Getting a speeding ticket for driving in excess of 100 miles per hour will earn you two  Even getting a speeding ticket from out of state can add points to your California driving  If you get caught driving over 100 mph twice in one year, you could have your license suspended over just two infractions.

Increased Insurance Premiums

Leaving your driving privileges aside for a moment, consider your auto insurance  Most of the time it seems as though your auto insurance provider uses every speeding ticket, point on your driving record and little fender bender to increase your insurance premiums, using your blunders as evidence that you are an unsafe driver and risky to  Even if you apply for insurance coverage with a new provider, one of the first things they check is your driving record, so do not think they will not find out about your speeding  In many cases, insurance costs can go up by as much as 29% per  If you are already paying $100 per month in auto insurance, that kind of increase will bring your monthly cost up to $129, costing you an extra $350 per year.

Even potential employers take the time to look at driving records, which means a top notch traffic attorney could help you keep/get a  In many cases, if an employer is looking to hire you for a new job, they perform a background check that can include your criminal history, credit score and even your driving  As if your driving record in any way indicated that you cannot work hard and be a good employee!

What Actions Should You Take?

banner33For those reasons and more, it is so important to hire a solid traffic attorney to fight your speeding  Traffic laws can be highly technical and intricate, but an experienced traffic attorney deals with them every day and can help you fight your speeding ticket to avoid racking up extra points on your driving record and keep your auto insurance provider from having an excuse to raise your insurance  An experienced traffic attorney can fight speeding tickets and help you win even on tiny little  Going to court to contest a traffic ticket can be time consuming, intimidating, even a frightening  Wouldnmenu-item-has-children€™t it feel better to have a traffic attorney in your corner helping you fight such a citation that could negatively impact your life?menu-item-has-children  If you need a traffic attorney to help you fight your ticket, call the experts at Traffic Ticket Pros  Do not let a speeding ticket make your life  Call us today to speak to a traffic attorney who will fight for your rights.