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Proof of Insurance Violations

In California, having car insurance that covers you when you are driving is required. If you are stopped by a police offer, you must be prepared to show proof of insurance. Even if you have insurance and do not have your proof with you in your vehicle, you will be charged for driving without proof of insurance. You will be required to show proof of insurance to the court and pay a fine. The fines and other penalties can be very severe and warrant the retention of a traffic attorney from Traffic Ticket Pros, a leading California law firm specializing in traffic violation cases.

The Insurance Requirements

The following minimum coverage limits are required by California to be carried by vehicle owners. You must carry for injury or death of one person per accident of $15,000. You must carry for injury or death of two or more persons per accident of $30,000. You must carry for any property damage per accident of $5,000. Evidence of this responsibility must be carried in the vehicle at all times. Insurance companies will provide policy holders with an identification card that is considered proof of coverage. The card will provide any needed information such as the name of the insurance company, the amount of coverage, expiration date and the policy number.

Seriousness of Driving without Insurance

California has made driving without insurance a serious offense and you should retain a traffic attorney to fight your case for you. Penalties for driving without insurance can be severe including citation, large fines, license suspension for up to one year, liability for damages and vehicle impoundment. If you get ticketed for driving without insurance call a traffic attorney at Traffic Ticket Pros for a consultation.

  • Suspension of Driving Privileges You driving privileges may be suspended if you are involved in accident without proof of insurance. This can be for up to one year.
  • Suspension of Vehicle Registration The Department of Motor Vehicles will begin the process of suspending the you vehicle registration if you have no insurance and a policy is not submitted within 45 days, your insurance company has not provided electronic proof of insurance or you have submitted false evidence of insurance.
  • You Could be Cited If you cannot provide proof of insurance when asked by a police officer, you will be cited and the fines could exceed $1,000. The DMV cannot clear a citation, only a court can do that.
  • You Could be Liable for Any Damages If you cause an accident and cannot provide proof of insurance, you will likely be liable to compensate other parties for any injuries or property damage.
  • Your Car Could be Impounded If you are driving without insurance, you car could be hooked up and towed to an impound lot. You would be responsible for any fees for towing, storage and getting your car out of impoundment. These expenses would be in addition to the fines imposed by the courts.

Donmenu-item-has-children€™t Make the Mistake of Ignoring Your Court Date

When you sign your citation you have agreed to go to court or pay the fine. If you ignore your fines or skip court dates and you can be charged with menu-item-has-children€œcontempt of courtmenu-item-has-children€ or menu-item-has-children€œfailure to pay a finemenu-item-has-children€. An arrest warrant will be issued with your name on it. When they catch up with you, and they will, you will be stuck with very expensive fines, suspended driving privileges, revoked ability to register vehicles, probable jail time and a criminal record. If you have screwed up and you blew off your court date, give a call and seek the assistance of a California based traffic attorney to fight for you. Traffic attorneymenu-item-has-children€™s from Traffic Ticket Pros who have a 95% success rate in reducing or eliminating fines and charges in traffic cases. They also handle criminal cases and have recovered millions for clients in personal injury cases.