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Criminal Threats

Are you a California citizen who needs someone to fight for you in a criminal threats case and needs a professional criminal attorney to help fight your case? Maybe you do, but youmenu-item-has-children€™re not sure what is involved in hiring a criminal attorney. Let us help answer your questions, make this time easier for you, and provide you with the best criminal attorney.

What is Considered A Criminal Threat?

Criminal threats are considered felony wobblers, meaning that, depending on the severity of the case, these criminal threats can be declared as either a felony or misdemeanor charge. These criminal threats originally were named as terrorist threats, and are still called by that name, although the statute no longer uses that phrase. Criminal threats that are charged as a felonies, however, are often more significant and involve an individual clearly stating his or her intent to injure, kill, or destroy another individual. These criminal threats would have to have been stated so clearly that the victim was caused to fear for his or her life, or the life of their immediate family. Because these criminal threats are very serious, the punishment echoes the crime.

What Are the Punishments for A Criminal Threat?

If criminal threats are considered felonies, the penalties for such are great, simply because they are felonies. In the state of California, if a case is determined as a felony, it is considered a strike crime, which means a conviction for any other felony in the future increases the criminalmenu-item-has-children€™s punishment. By the third strike, the result is typically a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. Most crimes that carry this pattern include arguments among neighbors, domestic violence cases, and crimes involving gangs. Penalty options for criminal threats include fines, loss of the ability to own a gun, up to three years in jail, or probation or parole.

What Are the Qualifications of a Criminal Threats Case?

In many states, there are several different factors that the criminal attorney must prove in order to win a criminal threats case. California requires that the criminal attorney show four things about the case. First, the criminal attorney must show evidence of whether or not the criminal threats to kill or cause bodily injury to the victim and/or his family was clearly made by an individual or through a third party. Second, the criminal attorney must show whether or not the criminal threats were intended to be threats, and that there is no possibility of misunderstanding a joke. Third, the criminal attorney must prove whether or not the victim heard the criminal threats and is in constant fear for his or her life, not momentary or fading fear. Finally, the criminal attorney must prove whether or not the criminal threats left an immediate, serious, and unambiguous understanding in the victim that the threat would indeed be performed. Currently, the law states that even conditional criminal threats can be declared as crimes if they meet these above criteria. A criminal attorney can prove contradictory a prosecutormenu-item-has-children€™s case by offering evidence along with other mitigating factors that may have lead to the conversation involving the criminal threats.

Why Should I Hire A Lawyer?

Criminal threats are always a problem and can seriously affect your future long-term. We are a professional law firm serving all of California. Because each criminal attorney in our firm deals with cases of no other state, each criminal attorney is able to put all energy in the law of California. Also, because our attorneys have combined experience of over 25 years, this ensures that you will be provided with a knowledgeable criminal attorney. By using their knowledge of case law and legislation, our criminal attorney will work with you and fight for your case. As a result, our criminal attorney can help you present a strong defense in this very tricky aspect of the law.

If you need help fighting a criminal threats case and want a thorough and professional criminal attorney, give us a call and let us fight for you. We guarantee we will provide the best criminal attorney for your case.